An Abundance of Moleskine Notebooks

An Abundance of Moleskine Notebooks

As many writers do, I prefer pencil on paper to fingers on keys–especially in those early stages of raw creativity. There’s just something special about hand movements connecting with train of thought. So naturally, my notebooks are my pride and joy. Each time I get to the last page of one, it’s bitter-sweet. I put it on my bookshelf, saying “until next time”—until the day comes where I pull it off to reminisce, or I open it up to hunt down old ideas.

While I do believe that all notebooks are beautiful creations, I have written almost exclusively in Moleskine notebooks for the past decade. If you got caught there, and are wondering how to pronounce it, never fear! Pronounce Moleskine however you would like to pronounce it! (And then, read a bit more about it here.)   

I don’t know whether it’s the consistency of using the same brand, or just the simple aesthetic of Moleskine notebooks, but I adore them. When I was younger, my dad had purchased me a set from Moleskine’s Volant collection, and I was ecstatic. Since then, I usually find a set underneath the Christmas tree each year. With the Volants, I have dedicated a different purpose for each colour. This makes it easy to grab the correct one when I’m on the go. My light purple is miscellaneous ideas and writing as it comes to me. Light blue is part of the outline of the novel I’m working on; light grey is for blog posts–and so it continues on.

I also have some special edition ones. I have a Petit Prince notebook, which I use as a personal journal. Then I have two Harry Potter ones that I genuinely think I will never ever open up. They are just too beautiful. I think I’ve had them for nearly a year, and still haven’t taken the plastic off.

What about you? Do you have a particular brand of notebooks that you find yourself drawn to over and over again? Have you tried Moleskine notebooks before? Let me know in the comments!

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