I am a creator at heart.

I have always loved words, and I have always loved the thrill of world-building. Ever since I was a child, writing and reading have never failed to light me up. Hand in hand, the two have been my escape, my entertainment, and my release.

When I was younger I would hide away in my room for hours, and later emerge with short stories, scripts, and once, a dictionary of my own made-up language. Now, I’m slightly more focused. While I still have dozens of notebooks filled with tidbits of writing that span across many genres and formats, my current WIP is a YA Fantasy series, and I hope that it will one day soon grace your bookshelves.

In January of 2016, I created the blog, ComfyGirlwithCurls.com, which has been an amazing outlet to share beauty and fashion ventures, and uplift others. I have used that platform to bring awareness to small businesses, and to share my journey as a black woman accepting her hair and her place in the world.

Now, I have launched KETomash.com . This is where I plan to bare my soul, and share my experiences as a writer–because as many of us know, you have to be quite crazy to be one.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy your stay.

K. E. Tomash